Underfloor Heating Mats

Underfloor Heating Mats

Underfloorheating.ie supplies Irish customers with a broad range of Elektra underfloor heating mat products, with a selection of 50 different kits from 4 different ranges. Whether you want to use underfloor heating on its own or in conjunction with your existing heating system, there is an underfloor heating mat to suit you.
Underfloor heating mats are a complete heating solution that are thin enough to fit underneath most floor types to supply energy-efficient, reliable and effective home and office heating. Underfloor heating mats provide a more energy-efficient heating solution to properties, as the heat they let out is more evenly dispersed and can warm a room using lower temperatures than a traditional radiator or boiler.
Our high-quality underfloor heating mat products work with tiled, wood laminate, stone, terracotta and carpeted floors, making them an ideal and versatile heating solution for most domestic and commercial properties. The simple assembly of a heating mat system means that changing your heating system has never been easier, and can be installed in a non-invasive way that protects the integrity of your flooring.

If you’re interested in underfloor heating mats, why not speak to one of our experts today?

Underfloor Heating Mats FAQ

  • How much does an underfloor heating mat cost?

    The cost of underfloor heating mats varies depending on the size and make of the mat that you need. Underfloorheating.ie provides a range of different underfloor heating mats for underfloor heating and other heating solutions.


  • Can I put an underfloor heating mat on concrete?

    Yes, underfloor heating mats will work when used on concrete. We would strongly advice the use of an insulation board ( we can also supply this). For advice on what kind of underfloor heating mat you should buy, contact Underfloorheating.ie today.