Heating Mats Installation

Heating Mats Installation

Underfloorheating.ie supplies Elektra brand heat mats in numerous sizes and various wattages, all single-side power supply heating mats for ease of installation. Heating mats are an effective way of heating your home on their own or in conjunction with another traditional heating system and can be an incredible addition to your home. Heating Mats are often used as an alternative to underfloor electric heating cables, providing the same level of heating, but with easier and less invasive installation. 
Heating mats are installed directly under your flooring material and work well with hard material floorings such as tile, concrete, marble, stone, terracotta, and laminate. In saying this, however, the Elektra brand produces many different types of heating mats which can also work with softer floors such as wood and carpet. 
As well as being a minimally invasive heating solution to install, underfloor heating mats are simple to set up, can be installed quite quickly and are instantly effective. These benefits provide your domestic or commercial property with comfortable, controllable and energy-efficient heating from day one.

If you’re interested in learning more about the installation of heating mats, above is a link to our video or feel free to contact us

Heating Mats Installation FAQs

  • Can you join underfloor heating mats together?

    Yes. Underfloor heating mats can be joined together after installation and can be connected to one controller up to a maximum of 3.6Kwatts

  • How long does it take to install heating mats for underfloor heating?

    The time it takes to install varies greatly depending on the scale of the project. Most products can be installed within the day excluding the final floor finish.