Electric Heating Cables Installation

Electric Heating Cables Installation

Underfloorheating.ie provides a range of Elektra brand heating cables that come complete with easy-to-install assembly sets and a full range of comprehensive instructions. These heating cables are suitable for household and commercial use and can also be used in pipes and areas where cold is detrimental and heat needs to be maintained. 
The installation of electric heating cables is relatively simple and non-invasive, especially when done by a competent tradesperson and simply involves laying a cable system underneath the floor of the area that you want to heat. 
Underfloorheating.ie’s easy-to-install Elektra brand electric heating cables are suitable for use in houses, apartments, cottages, shops, churches, greenhouses and more, showing how versatile and straightforward their installation is.

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Electric Heating Cables Installation FAQ

  • How much does it cost to install electric heating cables?

    The price of installing electric heating cables varies depending on the type of cables you use and the space you’re hoping to heat. Underfloorheating.ie offers free advice and consultations on your options regarding the installation of electric heating cables.

  • Can I install electric heating cables myself?

    Yes if you are a competent DIY person it is easy enough to lay these cables, and we are always available to give advice and tips to help. However we would suggest that you get an electrician to carry out a final check before connecting the system to the mains For advice on installing electric heating cables, contact Underfloorheating.ie today.