Underfloor Heating FAQ

Underfloor Heating FAQ

  • Is underfloor heating more expensive than radiators?

    The installation of underfloor heating compares favourably with the installation of radiators but the running costs of underfloor heating are usually far cheaper than radiators

  • How do you install underfloor heating?

    Underfloor heating can be placed underneath your existing floor or a cable system fitted into the floor screed. It can be installed in cables or heating mats depending on what kind of underfloor heating suits your property. A competent person can lay underfloor heating.

  • What floor types does underfloor heating work with?

    Most floor types are compatible with underfloor heating. Underfloorheating.ie supplies Elektra brand underfloor heating, which works well with most types of floor covering.

  • Can you mix underfloor heating and radiators?

    Yes, underfloor heating and radiators can work together in the same place.

  • Can you install underfloor heating in old houses?

    Yes, underfloor heating can be installed in old and new houses.

  • What is the difference between underfloor heating cables and underfloor heating mats?

    Underfloor heating cables are individual cables which are installed one by one in the area that you want heated, while underfloor heating mats are mats of a set size and are usually easier to install. Heating cables are better for small, irregularly shaped areas while heating mats are better to cover larger areas.

  • Is underfloor heating energy efficient?

    Underfloor heating is extremely energy efficient because it uses less energy to achieve the same heat as traditional heating systems such as radiators.

  • How long does underfloor heating last?

    When properly installed, underfloor heating will last for at least 50 years.

  • How do you control the temperature of underfloor heating?

    Underfloor heating is controlled with temperature controllers. These temperature controllers allow for precise timing and easy control of the temperature of your space.

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