How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Underfloor heating is an effective way of heating a property as it is designed on the science that heat rises, therefore creating an even distribution of heat throughout the space that it is installed in. Electric underfloor heating works by heating cables installed underneath your flooring. These cables can be installed in singular cables or as heating mats and both work effectively to heat a space.
As the cable warms heat rises and is distributed evenly throughout your home or commercial space. This is far more efficient than traditional heating systems such as radiators, which expel intense heat from one area of the room and do not heat a room evenly.
As well as creating even and comfortable heat, the lack of strong heat currents that come from electric underfloor heating means that it is a fantastic heating choice for people with allergies as it does not cause dust and allergens to rise like other heating solutions.
One of the best things about electric underfloor heating is that it comes equipped with precise temperature control. Underfloor heating is controlled by intelligent thermostats which allow you to decide exactly how warm or cool you want you space to be, down to the degree.
The efficiency of underfloor heating means that you will save money on heating bills compared to other traditional forms of heating and its discreet and non-invasive installation makes it an invisible heating solution.

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What are the advantages of underfloor heating?

  • Energy Efficient

  • Even Heat Distribution

  • Save Money on Heating Bills

  • More Control Over Heating

  • Easy to Install

  • Allergy Friendly

  • Invisible Heating Solution

  • Works with nearly all floor types

  • May increase your home’s value 

  • Safe

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